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FREE Killer Genius Audiobook

For a limited time, we’re giving away an audiobook FREE.   Join the Dead True Crime mailing list to get Killer Genius: The Bizarre Case of the Homicidal Scholar.   If you’re a fan of Erik Larson’s Devil in the White City, Harold Schechter’s Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, you’ll love Dead True Crime.    Killer Genius: The Bizarre Case of the Homicidal Scholar is part of Dead True Crime, a series of historical true crime stories of serial killers, bizarre cases, and little-known murderers. Meticulously researched short reads,

A new historical true crime series

What does the Southern Pacific Railroad have to do with a series of ax murders? How did the woman who went ’round the world in less than 80 days find herself in a cell with a murderer? Do you know about the union boss who killed over 100 men? Meticulously researched page-turners. We culled through hundreds of true crime accounts and thousands of newspaper articles to choose these strange stories. And came across photos that haven’t seen the light of day