Murder & Mayhem in the Pacific Northwest

Sailors trusted him with their money and their lives. That was a mistake. The lucky ones woke up with headaches in the holds of ships headed to China. The others never took another breath.

Billy Gohl robbed, 'shanghaied,' and killed sailors across the Pacific Northwest. Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, Washington was so full of bodies that newspapers dubbed it a 'floaters fleet.' His trapdoor of death was famous. In his time, Gohl murdered over 100 people, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.
Voodoo Cult Slayings in the Deep South

Families were being slaughtered by axe, and police were powerless to stop the murders. Men, women, and children were killed without restraint for years in Louisiana and Eastern Texas. Could a voodoo amulet be protecting the killers?

The perpetrator and motivations for the killings that took the lives of over 40 people were stranger than anyone could imagine. As police slowly unraveled the mystery, they were dumbstruck by what they found out.
Carnage in the Catskills

When famed journalist Nellie Bly interviewed serial murderer Lizzie Halliday, she had no idea how close she came to becoming another victim.

Halliday, called The Worst Woman on Earth by the New York Times, dispatched husbands, neighbors and peddlers by fire, poisoning and gunshot. The bloody death count at the Halliday farm caused it to be called "Murderer's Gulch." But even after she was arrested and committed to an insane asylum, she killed again.
Arsenic Murders in the Jazz Age

First, she predicts your death. Then, you die. Usually, writhing in pain. Is she a fortune teller, or something much, much darker? Nobody tells the police, not for a long time, because, well, nobody in Chicago’s Little Warsaw wants to cross Tillie Klimek.

The body count racks up as Jazz Age Chicago’s most notorious female poisoner takes down husband after husband, and some other relatives while she’s at it. Few, it seems, can resist Tillie’s cooking. But is this Mrs. Bluebeard working alone? Or is she part of a bigger, more diabolical "poison trust"? And can Chicago’s Finest get to her before her latest husband, already mortally ill, dies?

Poison Widow is a true-crime aficionado’s feast, arsenic-laced and stuffed with tasty noir morsels.
The Bizarre Case of the Homicidal Scholar

He’s a doctor whose patients have a way of dying; a lawyer, who uses his skills to squirm out of criminal convictions. He’s a scholar, but other scholars have no idea what he’s talking about. He’s a family man, but one day, his wife and baby disappear forever. Only two things are clear: Edward Rulloff is a mystery, and everywhere he goes, death and destruction follow.

When the murder of a young clerk during a botched robbery shocks the quiet 19th century town of Binghamton, NY, the drowned bodies of two robbers showing up in the river seems like divine justice. But there’s another man on his way out of town with a long history of suspicious deaths trailing behind him. While the criminal justice system has its hands full trying to keep and convict Edward Rulloff, the world will argue whether he’s a genius, a scam artist or a madman.