Poison Widow

/Poison Widow


Arsenic Murders in the Jazz Age

First, she predicts your death. Then, you die. Usually, writhing in pain. Is she a fortune teller, or something much, much darker? Nobody tells the police, not for a long time, because, well, nobody in Chicago’s Little Warsaw wants to cross Tillie Klimek.

The body count racks up as one of Jazz Age Chicago’s most notorious female poisoners takes down husband after husband, and some other relatives while she’s at it. Few, it seems, can resist Tillie’s cooking. But is this Mrs. Bluebeard working alone? Or is she part of a bigger, more diabolical “poison trust”? And can Chicago’s Finest get to her before her latest husband, already mortally ill, dies? Poison Widow is a true-crime aficionado’s feast, arsenic-laced and stuffed with tasty noir morsels.

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