Sacrificial Axe

/Sacrificial Axe


Voodoo Cult Slayings in the Deep South

The “Axe-man” came in the night. No one heard him come. No locks could keep him out. In the morning, whole families lay slaughtered in their beds, a riot of blood corrupting the room. Town by town, terror gripped the black communities of Louisiana and East Texas, as men, women, and children fell to the killer’s ax. The police were powerless to stop it.

Was it simply a homicidal maniac on the loose, or was a deeper evil afoot? Could one person perpetrate over forty atrocities? Was the serial killer even a man? People whispered voodoo, and white newspapers in the Jim Crow-era South fanned the hysteria. As the police slowly unraveled the mystery, they were stunned by the bizarre truth of the “Axe-man.”

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